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How to say Fuck it to Inner Doubt

For years I struggled with self-doubt. I let it chase me into a cycle of anxiety and depression and allows it to define who I was and my abilities.
I see so many young girls really deflating their potential by what their inner voice dictates to them and so today’s post is going to be about how to say fuck it to inner doubt.
So here are some of my quick-fire tips for getting rid of self-doubt.
Notice When You Begin Overthinking
Ever been feeling really good about life and one email or little comment sends you straight into the depths of your mind? Sometimes when we are posed with a problem, a new opportunity or a new situation we overthink. We think about all the reasons why we aren’t good enough for this new thing and all the reasons why it might not work out and fail.
Overthinking is the killer of dreams. It leaves you in a state of very unrealistic thinking due to the unpredictability of the future.
You need to accept that the future is uncertain, you need to accept that you don’t know how a specific situation will work out. You have to releasee problems and let them go instead of constantly trying to overthink your way into a state of frustration. Too many people overthink, and it leads to no solution for problems.
So, my advice to you, is to notice when you are overthinking and begin to actively let go of the problem or thought by thinking of solutions and reasons why it could go well.
Act Like You Got It All Together
Sometimes inner doubt creeps up on us not because we lack in our abilities and skills but that we lack in confidence. If you are experiencing a lot of self-doubt, then you sure as hell need a confident boost. If you regard yourself as weak and not capable enough then you subject yourself to that way of thinking.
You may be afraid to pursue something because you fear that you are under-qualified or that you lack the skills. However, if you can try and change your thinking by telling yourself that you are confident and self-assured you begin to mould yourself into a person who is confident.
To put it simpler, confidence isn’t real, it’s not something we were just born with. Confidence is a mental state of mind that we choose to be part of us or not. So, notice if you’ve been choosing confidence or shyness, try and uncover what you have been identifying yourself with that has left you doubting yourself. Turning confidence into a habit is a long process but if you believe you lack the confidence to achieve your dreams then make it a priority to work hard on becoming the confident person you know you are deep inside.
Quit Thinking About What Others May Think
We constantly worry about how others will view us if we make a mistake or if we take on a new opportunity. We constantly hold ourselves to how others view us and let other people’s opinions shape our skills and abilities.
The truth is, no one really knows you. No one really knows your capabilities only you do. At the end of the day people will always judge in one form of another and there is no way to make everyone happy. So, you need to break out of living for everyone else’s perception of you and live out who you want to be. If people support your decisions, it’s because value you and they want you to succeed. However, a majority of people who don’t support others or want others to fail are people who are too afraid to fail themselves. At the end of the day no one really knows what the fuck they are doing, and opinions are simple opinions and nothing more, unless we allow them to be. So quit thinking about what others think of you and begin to create and become the best version of yourself.
Don't Entertain the Fears
Uncertainty of the future breeds fear and it’s up to you whether you entertain that fear or accept that you can’t control everything. We all worry, we all fret over trivial situations to the brink of insanity and we all avoid finding solutions to our fears and instead we allow our fear to become us.
The inner voice that dictates your thoughts and feelings always creep up when we are feeling the most confident in our life and leave us doubting our ability to pursue opportunities.
You have to accept that you can’t control everything in life, you can’t plan your entire life to the T, you can only plan your life to an extent and the rest is uncertain. You have to stop buying the stories that you can completely control your life because you can’t control other people, you can’t control how others want to think about you, you can’t control the traffic to work that makes you late, just like you can’t control the outcome of every situation. So, accept the uncertainty and allow yourself to loosen the reigns on your life.
So that’s just a handful of thoughts for helping relieve your mind of self-doubt. If you have any pieces of advice or further thoughts, please leave a comment below!
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