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5 Tips for Living a More Positive Life

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been in a shit mood and made drastic decisions and think everything in our life is falling apart. Changing our perspective in these situations can be extremely difficult and being told to just ‘lighten up’ can actually fuel our negativity further. Yet we must understand that having a positive attitude in life will give us a better internal and external world as an opposed to seeing the bad in everything.
So that being said we must work every day to focus on positive thinking because it is the only way that we can truly live our life to the fullest and with purpose.
Here are some of my tips for living a more positive life:
1. Gratitude!
Sometimes when we are down in the dumps we ignore all of our blessings and choose to focus on ‘lack’. What we focus on with continue to manifest until we change our thoughts. By concentrating on all your blessings, you can really begin to appreciate the life around you and all the good positive things in your life!
Just by taking a time out and giving ourselves a notepad and pen and writing down all our blessings we can immediately brighten our mood and think more positivity.
There is so much for you to be grateful for! Having food, a bed, shelter, having running water or even having time to chill. Everything is a blessing if we choose to see it that way.
Sometimes we don’t see how lucky we truly are to even be given the opportunity to live!
So, start each morning with naming 10 of your blessings whilst walking around your bedroom or commuting to work. See how dramatically your day improves and how much more positive you feel!
1. Surround Yourself With People Who Are Positive
Ever heard the saying that you are the 3 people you spend the most time with? You need to evaluate who you are surrounding yourself with, are you surrounding yourself with negative people? Or are you choosing to surround yourself with people who talk about all the positive things in life?
Aim to always be around people who love you and support you and learn to cut out people who feed off of negativity and misfortunate. There’s no need to have that in your life!
3. Practice Mindfulness
Sometimes we become so caught up in all our chores and responsibilities that we forget to take time to present. Mindfulness is the practice of attaining stillness in our minds and observing our thoughts and emotions with complete awareness, non-judgement and objectivity. By doing this you centre in on the World around you and tune in on what is going on currently. By separating yourself from your thoughts and emotions you can better manage stresses and negative thoughts and feelings in your life. You can begin to tune into everything that’s positive by refusing to entertain thoughts and feelings that don’t give you a positive mindset.
4. Let Go Of Everything That Doesn’t Serve You
So many people hold onto things because they believe they need its stability and security. When we hold grudges and continue to hold negative feelings towards other people, the toxins only affect us. We leave ourselves in a very vulnerable negative state of mind. Learning to forgive others can be a difficult process but learning to let go and choosing to focus solely on the positive in someone can dramatically change your perspective to a lot of similar situations in life.
At the end of it all, everyone just wants to be loved. So, learn to let go of past resentment and love them!
5. Stop Letting Worry Rule You
A lot of people feed there worrying about the future and end up feeling anxious about every uncertain situation that comes into their life. We have to accept that we cannot control the future and that worrying about the future does nothing, it just wastes time we could be spent living or being positive. Worrying prevents us from living in the present moment. So, write out a list of possible solutions for future situations are worrying you and decide whether your fears are rational or not.
Remember, what will be will be. We can’t control the future.
6. Stop Letting The Past Define You!
The past is the past for a reason. Stop assisting with bad feelings, situations and experiences from the past and begin to concentrate on the now. You can’t live in the past and focusing on the past only brings more resentment and negativity into your present world!
7. Stop Comparing Your Life To Others
One of the biggest ways to make you feel shit about your life is to compare yourself to others. Social media has made it even easier to compare our lives and it’s also made it even easier to fake an amazing happy life that looks like a staged picture!
Everyone is different for a reason. You will never be anyone else but you. By comparing yourself to others it stops you from appreciating your own life and drives gratitude away from your World. Only you are responsible of your life so take control make the changes you want to change and become someone that doesn’t have to compare their life to others because you live a positive life.



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